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Welcome to the livejournal community of Anachro Clock, a new project by Maya, the former bassist of DOREMIdan. Anachro Clock is relatively new, hardly a year old, and has never been overly active, but this community is here for the purpose of sharing news about the band with other Anachro Clock fans.

Please read the rules before you post anything to the community, but after you've read and understood the lyrics, feel free to participate as much as possible! This community definitely needs some more life!

a n a c h r o c l o c k .

Anachro Clock was formed in April 2006 by Sin and Maya. As said above, Maya used to be in DOREMIdan, but Sin seems to have appeared from nowhere. A bit after Sin and Maya had joined forces, another member out of nowhere, Shiki, joined the band to take care of vocals, and Anachro Clock started making songs.

The band continued making songs for four months and then had their first live on August 21 at Shinsaibashi club ALIVE. At this live, Anachro Clock distributed their first, free live-only single called 白のキャンパス/虹 [Shiro no Campus / Niji].

The next four months passed by by making songs and doing some lives here and there, until on December 25, Anachro Clock was finally ready to release their first mini-album, 秒針が動く、その瞬間。 [Hari ga Ugoku, Sono Toki.]. The mini-album contained 6 songs, including Niji, and was sold at the Like an Edison CD-shops in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

Currently, Anachro Clock is once again living a more quiet life, at least to us overseas fans, and concentrates on making songs and doing lives every now and then.

You can read translations for Anachro Clock's profiles here.

t h e r u l e s .

The rules for this community are simple but important. If you think you've understood the rules, please, feel free to post anything you want. However, if you will blatantly disregard the rules, you will get a warning, and if the misbehaviour continues, you will be removed and banned from the community.

01. Naturally, the posts have to have something to do with Anachro Clock or mayabeya; preferrably no DOREMIdan-related posts. I'm sure DOREMIdan has its own livejournal community/communities.

02. News, media, graphics, scans and such are always more than welcome. Pictures larger than 300x300px are to be kept under an lj-cut. However, please keep posts that contain media friends locked, and please support Anachro Clock by buying their releses at any costs.

03. Don't advertise a community/site/anything unless it's directly related to Anachro Clock or one of its members.

04. Be courteous. Feel free to express your opinion, but do not bash Anachro Clock, any of the members of this community, or anything else.

05. Lastly, I'm quite sure we won't have a problem with this, but it's better to make sure before it happens: fanfic is not allowed in this community.

Also, feel free to make an introduction post if you want to. If you want, you can tell us who you are, where you live, how you found out about Anachro Clock, what's your favourite song and so on. Use your imagination!

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the community.
- karmik